The only online directory on the Costa del Sol for Weddings and Ceremonies


In 2014 after dragging my heels for years I decided to marry my partner of four years. After living in Spain for the last 18 years clearly it had to be here and the plan was to invite family and friends over for a summer pool party event. How hard could it be?

After stumbling at the first hurdle – accommodation – I realised it was a stressful nightmare. I’d left it late and many villas were booked or wouldn’t allow me to invite a tribe of guests to their venue. Worse still I had no idea where to start looking for such venues. Google became my best friend but I wasted hours going through holiday websites searching for ideal places and hitting many brick walls.

There was no simple directory to look for the information. I didn’t need a wedding planner I just needed a simple starting point. So was born.

I already run, an online directory for things to do on the Costa del Sol, for children and families, and the idea behind the wedding directory is to give anyone wanting to get married on the Costa del Sol a range of ideas in one easy to navigate directory. So whether you are resident here getting hitched or looking to travel abroad and hold your wedding in the sunshine, then hopefully this will ease the workload.

It is the only such directory on the Costa del Sol and lists everything from venues to caterers to wedding planners to hen and stag night ideas. We also list any special offers or promotions via our Facebook and Twitter pages.